The Calgary Eyeopener's Unconventional Panel on government-run online gambling

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is considering getting into the online gambling business. The money made would go into government coffers. George Brookman is the CEO of West Canadian Industries, Cory Mack is a comedian, and Shelley Youngblut is a Calgary writer. Shelley Youngblut (SY): Okay, I confess, I do in fact go to casinos and I play tournament poker.

Alberta ponders government-run online gambling

Alberta could soon join most provinces in having government-run online gambling sites. Bill Robinson, the CEO of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC), spoke with the Calgary Eyeopener's David Gray about the plan to bring government-run online gaming to Alberta. The AGLC has been looking at introducing online gaming for some time, Robinson said. He noted that people in Alberta are …